TII McEliece


Anyone is eligible to apply as long as their project submission meets the challenge guidelines.

While the challenge is open, there will not be direct mentorship available, but TII is considering nonmonetary prizes/incentives as part of the challenge, like internships, so stay tuned.

Prize competitions are different than traditional grants and contracts, and while funding is not provided throughout the challenge, prizes will be provided at the end to those who prove they can best solve the challenge according to the guidelines.

The following is required for the submission format:
  • Dockerized application of the challengers algorithm with clear installation instructions on an Ubuntu platform.
  • The submission must accept a link to a ROS bagfile as input and output a .json file containing the predictions.
  • Topics in the bagfile are same as the ones shared for training. Predictions are expected to be in same format as ground truth annotations.
  • Each prediction must contain the following information: image frame number, 2D bounding box coordinates and ID of the instance.

Yes, teams containing multiple members can enter the challenge.